From mountain herbs and a variety of greens to handmade cheeses, an abundance of fresh seafood, the renowned Astypalean thyme honey and the wild-growing saffron – there is certainly something very special about the culinary delights on offer in the Astypalean cuisine.
You don’t have to go far to savour the full of flavour traditional dishes, as in Pera Gialos you will find small intimate family-run restaurants serving among others labriano (local braised lamb), Chlori (type of creamy cheese), Pougia (fried savoury and sweet cheese pies served with honey) and Latzania (homemade pasta filled with Chlori and saffron).
Start your day by paying a visit to the bakeries, which you will find within walking distance from Vithos Aparthotel, to get the famous kitrinokouloura (saffron bread rolls) or a labropita (astypalean cheese pie with saffron) for a local breakfast experience.
Map of Astypalaia
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