The charming village of Pera GIalos, that once used to be the main port of the island, is located at the foot of the hill, on top of which stands the Venetian Castle overlooking the main village of the island (Chora) that spreads out amphitheatrically on the hill’s slope.
The area boasts a lovely pebbly beach, fringed by tamarisk trees, that is well protected by the wind. Gift shops, traditional restaurants, coffee and pastry shops line the beach and can be visited throughout the day.
The archaeological museum, located right in the heart of the village, houses a small collection of artifacts narrating the island’s history through the centuries. Nearby, lies the blue domed Church of St.Nicholas with its lovely courtyard.
The white washed walk paths, starting from Pera Gialos, offer a nice stroll through Chora, leading eventually to its central square, where the windmills stand.



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Analipsi / Maltezana

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Aghios Andreas Port

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Medical centre

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