Astypalaia hosts a summer-long series of fascinating cultural festivals and events, some of which date way back in time being connected to local customs and traditions.
The celebrations associated with the festive days of 14th and 15th August stand out for their special traditions and unique atmosphere. The festivities take place in the open courtyard of Panagia Portaitissa, where locals and visitors get together to dance to the sound of lutes and violins and savour wine and local dishes.
A day after the culmination of the religious festival on 15/08, the “Koukania”, a series of sports contests and fun games, takes place on the beach of Pera Gialos, right on your doorstep!
Astypalaia Festival is being organized by the municipal authority and includes concerts, theatre plays, exhibitions and other events, which take place in Pera Gialos and Chora throughout the summer.
If you fancy watching a movie under the starry sky while enjoying the sea breeze with the dazzling Chora skyline before you, just walk the short distance from Vithos Aparthotel to Cine Avra, the outdoor cinema of Pera Gialos.
Map of Astypalaia
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