Vithos Aparthotel convenient location allows you to easily reach some of the most important archaeological and cultural points of interest in Pera Gialos and Chora:

Archaeological Museum of Astypalaia (Pera Gialos)

This small museum features artifacts from local digs that cover a wide chronological range, from the prehistoric period down to medieval times.
Agios Nikolaos Church (Pera Gialos)
Since Pera Gialos used to be the main port of the island, the single-ailed church of the area with its majestic light blue dome couldn’t be dedicated to no other saint than Agios Nikolaos, the patron saint of sailors.
Venetian Castle (Chora)
The medieval hilltop castle, built by the Venetian family of Querini in the 1200s, certainly steals the spotlight. It was constructed on the ruins of the Byzantine castle, which on its turn was built on the ruins of the ancient Acropolis. As you enter the gate, you can admire the two churches located within the castle, the restored houses and the breathtaking view to the open sea, the harbour of Pera Gialos, the village of Livadi, the bay of Maltezana and the nearby islets.
Panagia Portaitissa (Chora)
Built in 1764 by Agios Anthimos just outside the walls of the castle, the church of Panagia Portaitissa with its admirable carved iconostasis and marble spire, houses the church museum and a beautiful enclosed courtyard, where the feast and celebrations of 14th and 15th August take place.
Windmills (Chora)
On the main road of Chora, stand proud eight traditional preserved windmills, which host exhibitions and the office of tourist information. In one of them, every summer is exhibited a series of photos and information on the findings related to the major archaeological discoveries in Vathy area.
Map of Astypalaia
See the latest updated map of Astypalaia that includes useful information on the island’s points of interest and hiking trail descriptions