A place full of culture, history, beauty and vibrancy.
A hill-top medieval castle narrating its own tale from times long past.
Golden hillsides perfect for hiking.
Secret coves beckoning for a swim.
Caves waiting to be explored.
All the above and more is what Astypalaia generously offers its visitors – and they cannot help but fall in love with this gem of an island in the southeastern Aegean Sea, which stands between the Cyclades and the Dodecanese islands complex combining features from both island cultures.
Due to its key location at the crossroads of vital East-West sea routes in the Mediterranean, it was occupied by a number of powerful civilizations ranging from the Minoans and Romans, to the Venetians and Ottomans. And this rich history gifted the island with a rich cultural heritage and some fascinating archaeological sites and findings.
The island’s authentic local flavour and its unique architecture luckily have been preserved through the years by its people who embrace visitors with their enthusiastic hospitality and happily argue over where are the best places to swim or to taste the local mouth-watering delicacies.
Astypalaia will steal your heart away!

How to reach

By ferry from Piraeus and other Dodecanese islands (Kalymnos, Kos, Rhodes) and Piraeus
By plane from Athens/Leros/Kalymnos/Kos/Rhodes.
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