With blue or turquoise waters, sandy and pebble stretches and tranquil vibes, Astypalaia’s list of beaches has something for everyone, families, adventure-seekers and those in search of relaxation. The secluded secret coves and the beaches of the island are nothing short of unforgettable.
Apart from the beach of Pera Gialos which lies right at your feet, you can easily get to the following beaches with your car or by simply taking the bus that starts out from Pera Gialos and operates Livadi and Maltezana.

one of the nicest organized beaches is in the seaside village of Livadi, with many facilities and attractive surroundings.

the sandy beach with shallow waters, ideal for families, is located on the narrowest point of the island and is organized with umbrellas and sun loungers, a restaurant and a beach bar.

a path starting from the main road leads to a small pebbly beach located just before the village of Maltezana, ideal for snorkeling.

Ble Limanaki
a very small, hidden cove featuring turquoise waters and small pebbles at the end of a dirt path starting from Maltezana bay.
Maltezana / Schinodas
stretches of sandy beach located within short walking distance one from the other, with medium depth waters and various amenities. a very small, hidden cove featuring turquoise waters and small pebbles at the end of a dirt path starting from Maltezana bay.
Some of the island’s beaches cannot be accessed by bus, only by your own means of transport, due to the dirt roads that lead there.

Agios Konstantinos
a beautiful beach with sand and pebbles, a beach bar and a restaurant and splendid views to Chora and the Castle.

considered by many the most beautiful and famous beach on the island, however it doesn’t get crowded and offers the tranquil atmosphere that most visitors to the island are after. Equally popular is the taverna on the beach which serves traditional regional dishes.
long beach with pebbles combining the wild beauty of the mountains and the tranquility of the crystal-clear sea. There is a beach bar that provides umbrellas and sunbeds. In the hill above the beach, there is the Negrou cave, large enough with stalactites and stalagmites, but it cannot be traced and accessed without a map and special equipment.
Nearby Islets
Gorgeous unspoilt beaches with crystalline turquoise water are to be found also on the neighbouring islets of Kounoupa and Koutsomitis, which can be easily reached by joining the daily boat trips departing from Pera Gialos harbour, only a short stroll away from Vithos Aparthotel.
Off the Beach Activities
Exploring the island on foot or on a bike is not only a good exercise but the best way to find those out-of-the-way, unspoiled parts of Astypalaia. Trails crisscross most of the mainland through the beautiful mountainous nature offering spectacular views of the Aegean Sea and the island. Just let your feet or your bike wheels take you to places cut off from the rest of the world and be one with nature.
Map of Astypalaia
See the latest updated map of Astypalaia that includes useful information on the island’s points of interest and hiking trail descriptions