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While many things have changed since COVID-19 has entered our lives, one thing has remained the same:

Our commitment to your peace of mind, health and happiness.

Consequently, we’ve had to adjust a few things in our spaces and daily operation.


Take a quick read through what we’ve implemented for the safety of all of us.

͠    High-touch areas and all shared and public spaces will be cleaned frequently and thoroughly.

͠    All of our team is equipped with disposable face masks and gloves and is fully trained on COVID-19 safety and hygiene protocols for Tourism Sector, so as to operate new protective equipment used to disinfect each space safely and securely.

͠    All high-touch surfaces in the rooms are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected via steam cleaning equipment.

͠    The check-in and check-out times have been extended between occupancies (11.00 & 15.00 respectively) so as to ensure that before your arrival, the room will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, as well as ventilated.

͠    Hand sanitizer is readily available throughout our premises.

͠    Disinfection of all keys.

͠    Credit or debit cards are recommended for payment of accommodation and the receipts are sent by email.


Our team is on hand to help you throughout your stay!